Anyone know a reliable place to buy reasonably priced jerseys?

submitted 2 years ago by lVII53I2Y  

Looking for a cheap alternative. I've had my eyes on a Diggs or Smith jersey for a little bit but I'm not sure where I could get a quality buy from.

Any recommendations?


thedecline19 2 years ago

Dont listen to them. I've gotten 3 browns jerseys off this website from china and they've all come in perfect and thru usps in about a week. Plus most cost around $20!


fartbiscuit 2 years ago

I did too, and got a Russell Wilson Seahawks jersey from there before I could get one for real stateside.

I will say this though - mine was not perfect. There were numerous loose threads and some of the stripes did not line up between the jersey and the sleeve. However, it's a $20 I'd gladly spend again when regular jerseys go for $100+.


SwedishLovePump 2 years ago

I have an excellent clay Matthews jersey I got from a china wholesale company. I've had friends buy high-quality hockey jerseys. I've never heard of a problem. I have the URL saved on my computer (Im currently on my phone) so ill post it later.